Why, Jeff McComsey why?

These Portraits started as a promotional contest for an online comic competition for a book called Bloody Pulp. Whoever drummed up the most support for that week got a Custom Pulped Portrait. Since the contest is over I’ve gone Mercenary and have started doing paid commissions. $50 and you get a digital print and the original line art mailed to your house. In addition to that I post your Pulped mug right here for the world to see.

Contact humansmartbomb at gmail.com


5 Responses to “Why, Jeff McComsey why?”

  1. Graham Connolly Says:

    Dude would love one for my wife. How much? And need shipping to Melbourne, Australia.

    Love your work.



    • holdenjuliet Says:

      Hey Graham!
      Thanks for the kind words!
      $50 and I would send you the line art and a nice color print( and a little something extra for being a true believer).. At my dubious day job I ship UPS and I think the shipping would be close to $50.00.
      So my thinking is $50.00 plus shipping. Let me know what you think.

      My email is in the above post if you want to send me your address I can get a better quote on the shipping.

      Thanks brother!

  2. Ohmy Says:

    Oh my, this would be perfect for a friend. I’m just not sure if he would appreciate his bloody mug being posted on the web. Does that have to be?

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